Computer Software To Mobile Apps

Cloud Storage for Mobile Apps

Cloud computing is the set of hardware and software as groups of remote servers that exchange data to serve as centralized data storage and computing resources for online access by mobile apps and other software systems.

Famark is software platform providing high-speed cloud computing and cloud storage for computer software to be migrated for access from mobile apps, web applications and other software systems.

Software to Mobile App

Web Service Backend for Mobile Apps

With the smart devices surpassing the total number of personal computers on earth it is high time to consider mobile compatible version of your software. In fact if you have not already started you are already late. Or if you are done with the design, let me guess the high level components of your design -

  1. A hosted web service accessible through web API (http SOAP or REST, preferably REST).
  2. Business logic embedded in service for processing of data before storing, retrieving or interacting with other systems.
  3. Data storage with possibly diverse security permission configurations.
  4. A native client application compatible with devices having different resolutions.
  5. An admin console with controls based on different levels of administration.

Mobile App Server Architecture

Software to Mobile App

You would find Famark containing all the pieces of your design implemented almost exactly as you envisioned.

What Famark provides?

  1. A hosted web service that is flexible yet consistent so you do not have to learn calling different actions. It supports both SOAP and REST web API protocols over http and https. And it is accessible symmetrically from JAVA, .Net, PHP, JavaScript and Objective-C clients.
  2. An action framework that extends the web service for custom actions, again it can be developed in the programming language of your choice from Java, .Net or PHP. Thus you can leverage the most from your existing source code.
  3. Data storage for the configured entities with automatically created actions for create, read, update, delete, import, export and file upload / download.
  4. A security framework for configuring access permissions on entities and actions, also with field level restrictions.
  5. A set of UI elements corresponding to entities configured, that can be customized and configured in sites. Then with auto code feature a mobile app displaying the site can be created.
  6. A default site (Main Site) is created for administration purpose where each user of the system gets control based on security settings.

How to get started?

  1. Create ER diagram (Entity Relationship) of your existing system (if you do not already have one). Reviewing the database design can be a good starting point for ER modeling.
  2. Business logic embedded in service for processing of data before storing, retrieving or interacting with other systems.
  3. Register your domain at Famark and configure solution, entities and relations in the platform based on your ER model. Famark System and Solutions guide provides all information you need for configuring entities and relations.
  4. Review the automatically created UI elements (views, forms, etc.). Configure your site with your own customizations to the UI elements. Famark Site, Handlers and Reports guide provides all information you need for UI customization. (You can skip this step if you are planning to develop your own native app)
  5. Review your site that will be rendered in mobile app using auto code feature. Or program your completely custom native app calling the auto created actions or your extended actions available as REST or SOAP service. Famark Programming Guide provides all information needed for calling Famark action service and building extended custom actions.
  6. Run your mobile app.

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